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Sticky Password – уникальная программа, которая интегрируется в систему, запоминает и автоматически вводит логины и пароли в поля любого сайта, любой программы на вашем компьютере! Sticky Password противостоит кейлогерам и другим шпионским программам в попытках их захвата ваших паролей . База паролей защищена мощными алгоритмами шифрования, включая AES / Rijndael 256 имеющим на сегодняшний день самую большую надежность.
Sticky Password has been storing passwords and making people more productive since 2001. In addition to managing and encrypting your passwords, Sticky Password provides exceptional one-click online form filling. The small installation package incorporates the industry´s most powerful encryption algorithms and provides effective protection against phishing schemes, concealed key-loggers and identity theft. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to install this application on a portable memory device such a USB flash memory stick.
Key Features:
· the database is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms in the industry
· creates strong passwords
· auto-fill of logins and passwords for websites and applications
· form-filling capability with Sticky Password "Identities"
· all data is stored in the encrypted database
· protection against phishing exploits and key loggers through tools like the new virtual keyboard
· support for multiple access authorization methods like Bluetooth and USB devices
· support for multiple logins and passwords for each account
· increased privacy protection, thanks to enhanced handling of passwords in encrypted format while in memory
· an easy first run wizard and great user interface
· easy import of passwords
· expanded support of websites and applications
· all Microsoft accounts on the protected computer have their own password database
· USB-portability
· Portable Sticky Password
· automatic backup of the encrypted password database, ensures that you can restore past passwords if you ever need to
New Sticky Password features include:
- new user interface
- bookmarks support
- clipboard protection
- illumination of login/registration fields in browsers
- password generator is now launched from the web field
- storing history of generated passwords
- automatic Identity creation after submitting registration form
- account sharing
- password expiration - reminder for Account password change
- possibility to ignore specified application integration
- support for accounts with login only
- default browser for every Account
- one-click printing of Secure Memos
- possibility to limit the size of backup folder/versions
- warnings - displaying Accounts with weak passwords
- multiple items selection in the database
- search function available also for Secure Memos
- right-click context menu in Internet Explorer fields for autofill actions
- added possibility to undo last action (adding/deleting/editing item). Its accessible from the Sticky Password application menu
- Sticky Password now notifies user if it cant access application launched with elevated access rights
Following issues has been fixed:
- Added support for Skype 5.5
- Added support for QQ International messenger
- Added support for SeaMonkey 2.11
- Improved support for autofill for many websites
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Язык Интерфейса: Русский /Английский
Платформа/ОС: Microsoft Windows XP и Vista / 7
Размер : 12.6 Mб
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